Origami Man

Matthew FitzSimmons crafts fun and unique thrillers that sidestep the usual procedurals and exorcises deus ex machina contrivances. Origami Man skillfully continues this excitement.

One Day You’ll Burn

One Day You’ll Burn proves that there is originality in the town that has seen it all. Detective Jarsdel is not a hard-boiled copycat who pounds away at both villainy and Scotch but a hip cat who fights LA traffic and sips rosé.

A Season for the Dead

Hewson never allows the reader to play the guessing game, to try out their Poirot mustache or Holmes pipe. Instead, details are fed at an unusual pace, and are often times repetitive.

The Deep

Solomon’s narrative is confusing at times, yet also beautifully dream like.

The Deserter

The Deserter is everything a Nelson DeMille fan has come to expect and even wants to expect: clever dialogue, precarious situations, bad choices, and badder bad guys. But man, even a slight change in the routine would be as welcomed as Dewar’s on ice instead of neat.

Cold Storage

Cold Storage is part sci-fi thriller, part conspiracy cover-up, and all-out b-movie cheese.

The Warehouse

Rob Hart taps into the zeitgeist with The Warehouse, but is more thriller than notice

’80s Teen Movies

Life moves pretty fast. Sage advice of a hallowed teen from the mid-1980’s, when Reaganomics’s voodoo charmed ideologies, a generation of kids were being raised at the shopping mall, and Huey told us to get back in time. Hollywood noticed these changes and, like John Bender piercing his ear in triumph, transformed pop-culture into the…

The Syndicate

The Pictures was author Guy Bolton’s entry into pure, noir fiction. The read was golden as it was retro. Why then does his follow-up, The Syndicate, lack any of that LA snap? The Pictures was smooth, single-malt brewed to a James Cain beat. As a sequel, The Syndicate is as memorable as that last Coors…