Cold Storage

Cold Storage is part sci-fi thriller, part conspiracy cover-up, and all-out b-movie cheese.

The Warehouse

Rob Hart taps into the zeitgeist with The Warehouse, but is more thriller than notice

Bad Axe County

Bad Axe County by John Galligan is a mid-western sprawl of a tale. The premise is crimes-blues fun. The plot direct and raw. Galligan’s execution is as rough as the harsh mid-western landscape.

The First Conspiracy

The First Conspiracy is a fascinating story that reads like a modern-day thriller instead of an 18th century historical text. The bizarre-but-true plot takes place in 1776, during the first months of the Revolutionary War. Don’t go snoozing yet. This is not a stuffy history lesson about cobblestone streets and powdered wigs before the era…

One Word Kill

Dungeons & Dragons was never cool. Fun? Totally. But the game cannot, and probably never will, rise above its stigmata of being a holy place for geeks, dweebs, nerds, and the Simpson’s Comic-Book Guy. Polo-shirt wearing drones need not apply. Thanks to Stranger Things, the game has regained some of its collective groove. A counter-culture…


Guys, and c’mon talking real men here, are similar to baseball. Guys need a task. A job to do. A solid win and pride in the task. That job gets too complex? Then you go into extra innings. Bearskin is a true man’s novel. Part crime thriller, part observational literature. Tactical. Contemplative. Silent. Compelling. You…

’80s Teen Movies

Life moves pretty fast. Sage advice of a hallowed teen from the mid-1980’s, when Reaganomics’s voodoo charmed ideologies, a generation of kids were being raised at the shopping mall, and Huey told us to get back in time. Hollywood noticed these changes and, like John Bender piercing his ear in triumph, transformed pop-culture into the…

Believe It

Nick Foles cries. A lot. But he can afford to. He’s the Super Bowl MVP of the E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles. More to the point, I endorse his message of finding strength through weakness. Foles’ honesty is refreshing as he is not playing for fame, for wealth, or an accumulation of trophies. He’s playing to honor God….

The Syndicate

The Pictures was author Guy Bolton’s entry into pure, noir fiction. The read was golden as it was retro. Why then does his follow-up, The Syndicate, lack any of that LA snap? The Pictures was smooth, single-malt brewed to a James Cain beat. As a sequel, The Syndicate is as memorable as that last Coors…