Rock Star

Title: Rock Star (2001)    
Director: Stephen Herek    
Writer: John Stockwell 
Studio: Warner Bros. 

IMDb Plot: Lead singer of a tribute band becomes lead singer of the real band he idolizes.     

Joe Says: Prepare to rock out!

Rock Star is a well-told Hollywood-style rendition of the true-to-life tale based on how Ripper became Rob Halford‘s replacement for Judas Priest. Within, Mark Wahlberg pours on his boyish charm and performs with believable admirably, something he has been known to do since Boogie Nights.

Stephen Herek, no stranger to musically-themed movies, wonders the audience with the breakneck lifestyle of an extinct species: the Hair-Metal Rock God. Wahlberg’s “Izzy” acts as the film’s host playing the every-man who gets to see his wish come true. His likable character quickly wins over the heart of the viewer, who wants to see him succeed and gets the chance to give him the Metal “goat horn” hand-sign several times over.

As good as Wahlberg and his story is, the supporting cast, namely the other members of the band, are not fleshed out, or even introduced, properly. More interaction with these life-long Rock musicians (such as Zakk Wylde!) would have amplified and solidified Izzy’s new surroundings.

Rock Star movie review by Joe Kucharski

Living up to its name, Rock Star is filled with incredible music. Trevor Rabin‘s score, the Steel Dragon’s original work, and plenty of 80’s-style Metal hits makes this soundtrack a must-have for rockers worldwide. Rock Star gives a credibility to a style of music that helped define a generation and will hopefully spark a much-needed revival.

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