Trying to recapture a little of the glory of

Bruce captures his glory days – and ignites them – in his autobiography Born To Run. Ever the craftsman, the lyricist, the poet, the storyteller, the everyman, Bruce Springsteen pens in his memoirs in an enlightening, entertaining way that anyone from the hardcore fan who knows every song by heart to the casual listener who thinks “Born In The U.S.A” is a patriotic foot-tapper will find enjoyable and, believe it or not, relatable.

bruce-springsteen-book-born-to-runI waited until this book was available on Audible for the sole purpose of getting the chance to listen to Bruce, to the Boss, to have him tell his story directly to me. His book is not only full of tales from his life, but his philosophy on rock music; his responsibilities to his fans, his band, and his family; how weakness can make one stronger; and how to be an inspiration.

For over 18 hours, I got to listen to one of my heroes talk to me. I heard intimate stories, rowdy bar tales, rock’n roll hobnobbing, and the fears that most every father has. Bruce talked – to me – about all these and more for over eighteen hours. And I cannot wait to listen to it all again.

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