Believe It

Nick Foles cries. A lot. But he can afford to. He’s the Super Bowl MVP of the E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles.

Believe It by Nick Foles book reviewMore to the point, I endorse his message of finding strength through weakness. Foles’ honesty is refreshing as he is not playing for fame, for wealth, or an accumulation of trophies. He’s playing to honor God. His autobiography, Believe It is the hurry-up offense of reads. Within the first hundred pages, Nick punts from college to the Eagles to the Rams to the Chiefs and back to the Birds. Fly Foles Fly indeed. His Super Bowl memories read like an NFL Films highlight reel. He is an avid supporter of Bulletproof coffee, so maybe that’s pure caffeine in the translation.

Believe It is more a testament of his faith than a locker room report from the Linc. Foles’ wears his faith fully on display right next his play list. He is a man of courage and of faith. But more than anything, he is a humble man who embraces failure and grows from that, which makes him the perfect Eagle. Or underdog.

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