What’s A MATTER?!

Dark Matter is wonderfully weird and borderline depressing. Drawing on elements of s/f and everyday happenstance of the comic book realm, Blake Crouch crafts a fun tale of a man on the run whose sole desire to simply get home to his wife and son.Dark Matter book review

Be careful what you wish for, eh? In fact, Crouch’s whole premise is “what if you can’t go home?” and “if you make it home, what happens if everything has changed?”. In doing so, Dark Matter is a fun, suspenseful, chase of a tale.

What’s missing, however, is more deductive reasoning, more problem solving to go with overall chase. The main character, Jason Dressen, is a physicist, so he’s a bright guy. He is used to looking at equations and solving them. Unfortunately, he does not go about solving his biggest question, why his life has drastically changed, in a pure scientific or deductive method. As a result, Dark Matter was s/f lite; suspense catered for a large audience. However, said large audience apparently had no problem with the science-heavy writing of Andy Weir and, if anything, Jason Dressen needed a little Mark Watney in him.

Crouch’s tale, nevertheless, is a fun, exciting read.


Many thanks to NetGalley and Crown Publishing for making the ARC available and for the enjoyable read.

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