A Fast, Short Drop

Computer hacking, a kidnapped girl, political intrigue, torture, and guns, guns, guns. Matthew FitzSimmons packs a lot into his fast-read, debut crime novel that introduces prime character, Gibson Vaughn, who is a fun, resourceful chap, albeit with the cliché tortured past, and is just intriguing enough to gain a follow-up. Naturally, of course, The Short Drop does begin a series as there must be an answer for the pseudo-cliffhanger presented within, although that is really nothing more than an unresolved plot thread. Regardless, the show must go on.

FitzSimmons’ writing style is clean and sharp with just enough of an added procedural element to both enlighten and satisfy a general readership that contains enough basic knowledge on the functionality of a Smartphone and how to access public Wi-Fi hotspots. The pace is fast and the content lean, both elements essential for a fun thriller, which summarizes The Short Drop.

Fun although it is, The Short Drop is somewhat akin to an order of fast food with an extra helping of cheese. Totally delicious and enjoyable going down, but probably forgotten by the time the next meal comes around. Yet, Gibson Vaughn, the unwitting protagonist, is the sundae dessert, complete with sprinkles and a big-old cherry on top. You’ve had it before, but you keep coming back to it nonetheless.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for the advanced copy, which made for an enjoyable read.

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