A look at today’s menu

Welcome to Joe’s. What can I get ya? Reviews? Opinions? Maybe a little self-deprecating humor? How about a side order of Gen-X pop-culture deep cuts? We got it all at Joe’s. Grab yourself a cuppa and take a look at today’s specials:

Deep State

Deep State is an average political thriller that will no doubt make for an above-average Netflix film.

Origami Man

Matthew FitzSimmons crafts fun and unique thrillers that sidestep the usual procedurals and exorcises deus ex machina contrivances. Origami Man skillfully continues this excitement.

Comic Book Implosion

Comic Book Implosion tells the rough tale of a difficult time that is hardly flashy. Or, truthfully, all that significant. The DC Implosion was one such tale. Maybe not entirely unique, but entertaining as hell.

One Day You’ll Burn

One Day You’ll Burn proves that there is originality in the town that has seen it all. Detective Jarsdel is not a hard-boiled copycat who pounds away at both villainy and Scotch but a hip cat who fights LA traffic and sips rosé.

A Season for the Dead

Hewson never allows the reader to play the guessing game, to try out their Poirot mustache or Holmes pipe. Instead, details are fed at an unusual pace, and are often times repetitive.

The Laundromat

The director almost seems to struggle between wanting to present a relative and convincing documentary yet slides into a goofy and aloof crime caper that is most wanting and where the ninety-five-minute run time is lightest of sentencing.

A Trick Of Light

With pop-culture references a go-go, A Trick Of Light is a surprising read that surfs the conventions of genre yet never wipes out.

The Deep

Solomon’s narrative is confusing at times, yet also beautifully dream like.