The Winter of Frankie Machine

A fast, easy, and – most importantly – fun read, The Winter of Frankie Machine is full of Mafia machismo and misplaced honor.

The story is also convenient.
Winter of Frankie Machine book review

Any time Frank runs into trouble, which happens throughout most of the story. Any time Frank has to hurdle past the next obstacle blocking his path to freedom. And redemption. Any time Frank’s Spidey-sense tingles, the story takes a timely trip down memory lane providing the titular character with info he needs for the easy out. The supplies required. The favors called in.

Spoiler alert: lots of people owe Frankie favors.

Don Winslow has been likened to Elmore Leonard. Winslow’s terse, hip dialogue provides a good homage. His style definitely caters to the crime, heist, and Mafia genres. Fans of such stories won’t be disappointed.

Winslow might not yet be on that Leonard-style level, or even that of Richard Stark. But of course, very few are.

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