Origami Man

Matthew FitzSimmons crafts fun and unique thrillers that sidestep the usual procedurals and exorcises deus ex machina contrivances. Origami Man skillfully continues this excitement.


The film is Irish-carbomb crazy; chopped meat that’s charbroiled yet still pink-on-the-inside, along with plenty of extra cheese.

Ace Atkins’ Ranger

The Ranger is over 300 pages of shady politicians, a suspicious land deal, Neo-Nazi meth dealers, and a gutsy pregnant girl. Ennui settles in around page 40. In fact, it is only the location – rural Mississippi during the cold winter months – that provides any sense of difference as even the title character, Ranger…

Video-Game Action; Direct-Release Scripting

Let’s play nice and call Spectral an homage to a heap of sci-fi films and not a mash-up of clichés from all that has come before. A mash-up, yes, but certainly a nice-looking one at that. James Badge Dale, proving he had leading-man chops, as evident from HBO’s The Pacific, stars in first-time director Nic…