Origami Man

Hacker, former marine, and troubled soul, Gibson Vaughn returns for his fifth (and for the time being, final) outing, as he and his team must stop a Russian malware attack – an attack that would result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

Writer/creator Matthew FitzSimmons crafts fun and unique thrillers that sidestep the usual procedurals and exorcises deus ex machina contrivances.

Origami Man skillfully continues the excitement, providing an earned ending while preserving an open sky of possibility ahead.

Following Debris Line, Vaughn and the team HQ in the Cayman’s. Still wanted by the government they survive in the way the A-Team did for five seasons: “If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them…”  Of course, the one man who does find them is the closest thing Vaughn has to an archenemy. How do you keep your enemies close? Fold him into the team – origami style.Origami Man book review

Vaughn, along with ex-CIA Jenn Charles and ex-LAPD Dan Hendricks, jump from a pub fight in Belfast to rescuing a hacker in Marseille to racing on the autobahn in Germany.  FitzSimmons expertly handles the action and throttles back on the breakneck speeds in order to preserve the human element, amplifying the true struggle sans the adrenaline rush. They must solve the mystery of the malware’s backer, enlist the support of code-breaking hackers, all the while avoiding the watching eye of U.S. Intelligence because, you know, “wanted fugitives of justice” and all that. Oh, and they have to cast such miracles alongside a phantom killer no one trusts. Vaughn and friends are not black-belt SEALs quick with wit and resources. They don’t have access to a Q. Their Alfred is more admin than manservant. FitzSimmons excels in portraying the realistic side of the fantastic.

Origami Man performs as a sequel to Debris Line, which was a palate cleanser following the first trilogy,  minus the need of a wiki search. New readers can jump into the pool and splash around carefree with those frolickers, like yours truly, who initially met Vaughn at the bustling counter of the Nighthawk Diner. FitzSimmons gives closure to Gibson’s supporting cast while opening a potential new way for Gibson. A new way that is as appealing as the intro.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for the advance copy and entertaining read. I’m a Matthew FitzSimmons fan and continue to look forward to his next novel, be it the New Adventures of Gibson Vaughn or a completely different entry in the annals of excitement.

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